Very worthwhile!

‘I am lucky to have found this yoga class. Corrina is a passionate teacher and aims to bring out the best in everyone!’

Fantastic – Really welcoming and accessible for all

‘I attend the classes on a regular basis and I always come out feeling like I’ve worked hard but without the pain! I have even dragged my fiancé with me a few times and he really enjoyed it too. There is always an option to push yourself or let yourself relax more. I would definitely recommend going, the whole experience is fantastic and Corrina has a position for everyone whether you are a regular or a newcomer. You should go and try for yourself and you will love it!’

Good for body and mind

‘I try to attend Corrina’s classes at least once a week and always feel so much better for it. Sessions have a nice mix of regular and new poses and options are available to suit everyone. You only pay for the sessions you attend – which is ideal for me.’

A Fabulous Yoga Class

‘I started to attend Hatha Yoga with Corrina recently and I have to say that this class is excellent. It provides a variety of movement / stretches / postures which help me to regain the feel good factor. Every week brings variety and masses of benefit. I recommend Corrina as a first class teacher.’


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Keith

    Having practiced yoga for about ten years with at least six different teachers (after being a hard core fitness enthusiast,) it has been hard to understand the concept of “relax” whilst in most yoga postures. Corrina has amply demonstrated with clear instruction, acute observation coupled with the subtlest of touch a profound ability to illustrate, notice as well as adjust the finer points of posture (as well as tension) so that it is now possible to relax both during work in class as well as during every-day activities. The “coat-hanger in the shoulders” (closely followed by the buns of steel,) are gradually melting away. So many times it has been said “lower your back onto the floor one vertebrate at a time”. It was sublimely divine to finally experience the spine flowing gently as well as slowly away from and then back to the mat during class last night. Thank you so very much Corrina. Miles of Smiles…

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