Samasthiti Meditation

Samasthiti Meditation

At the beginning of my practice one morning, this came to me while standing in Samasthiti (Equal Standing Pose).

As I stood on my yoga mat, I allowed the muscles of my thighs to soften, I could feel the tension held within my body, release, and drop through my feet into the ground.

As we hold our hands in prayer at our chest, we bring the lower self (conciousness) together with the Higher Self (Universal/Divine conciousness) at our heart centre. 

 We draw that energy down through us, grounding it into the Earth. An experience of enlightening may be felt from the contact we have with our higher self. As we become informed, we become the event horizon, the feedback loop, informing the Universe through our own felt experience.

Through this Divine contact we are able to percieve with more clarity through our sense organs. See beyond seeing, smell beyond smelling, hear beyond hearing, taste beyond tasting and touch beyond touching.

With this new level of insight we are able to glimpse a little further through the veil of how things appear to be. We are able to hold our awareness at our centre and call our Spirit back from places or situations it needn’t have gone. We are able to give and receive from our true nature.



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