Foundation for health


These are the basic principals that may be adopted to lay a foundation for perfect health. Do not underestimate the power in this simplistic approach.


Oxygenation of the system is very obviously a primary and fundamenty key to health, of course we need to breathe, but here we are talking about concious deep breathing and the effect that has on your entire being. Deep breathing allows the cells to perform their functions at an optimal level, leaving no areas of the body still and stagnant where toxins may accumulate. Of course there are many yogic breathing practices, the most simple being abdominal breathing. To practice this allow your breath to be so deep that the lower abdonmen expands on an inhale and falls on the exhale. To get an image of this picture a baby sleeping, notice how much the belly moves, we have forgotten how to breathe in this way, but with a little practice its easy to remember.


Get enough water. Without enough fluid within the body, cells may short out, so to speak and cease to be conductive. Electromagnetic impulses mat not flow through the body well enough to maintain health. Not enough fluid in our cellular system to flush out toxins will overload the lymphatic system and also cause a build up which slows the immune system. When the immune system is compromised this can then leave the door open for opportunistic organisms that can bring about further disease. Depending on the season and how much physical exercise you do, at least 2 – 3 litres of water a day are necessary.


Any form of movement to allow the muscles to act as pumps to sqeeze and allow the water flush the toxins from the cells. To allow there to be energetic revitalisation and for the muscular and skeletal sytems to be strengthened. To use all of the minerals within the body to act as nutritional building blocks. By moving the body you are allowing energy to flow through you rather than letting it build up and stagnate in certain areas

Reduction of Stress

Many of the initial symtoms of the beginnings of disease are the side effects of undue stress. Find anyway shape or form you can reduce stress in your life, if that means letting go of certain situations that cause undue stress, this is something you should seriously look into. If an immediate change of scene is not possible try simple rememdies that can elliviate some of the stress until you feel you can change or let go of the situation.

Ellimination of Toxins

You don’t have to go on a harsh detox program to clease your body of the toxins that have already accumulated. There are a few simple things you can do to remove toxins, lightening of the diet is mentioned below, but here are a few more ideas. Removal of any further toxins is one place to start, throughly cleaning fruit and vegtables. Reducing the amount of chemicals you put on the skin, buy products that are as natural as possible, make your own natural body care products- this is easier and cheaper than you think. There are many online resourses for ideas on this.

There are two seemingly simple ways to clear the body of the strongest emotional toxins, anger and its root, fear. To release anger, slap a pillow a few times with your open palm, imagine the anger flowing out through your hands. To release fear stamp your feet, then, take a full loving deep breath into your kidneys and release it down your body and out through the soles of the feet into the ground.

Lightening of Diet

Eating food stuffs that contain higher amounts of fibre and water draw toxins that have been released into the digestive ststem from the liver to be eliminated from the body. The best foods for this are of course fruit, vegtables and whole grains. Small amounts of meat, fish and dairy are also good if you buy as free range and organic as you can. you will find that your body becomes more receptive to the nutrients that are present in your diet, you may also find that you feel as though you require far less food.

Allow your body to rediscover its natural intelligence so that dis-ease becomes less likely to occur.


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